You are probably wondering, “what the heck is a keyword modifier?” It’s almost like an adjective that describes a noun, but in this case, we will use it as a GEO location area.

Here’s an example of a website URL without a keyword modifier.
Although Google will crawl this URL well, you can still supercharge this URL by adding a city. Just like the example above but this time, it will look like this
The keyword modifier here is “Orlando.”

Not only will this URL do well, but it also helps Google pinpoint your exact location and comes with an impressive ranking boost as long the page is using the keyword phrase in its page content.

Most well-trained SEOs will focus on all the needed on-page optimization to make sure the page is well optimized to deliver the right message for its intended audience, and Google will reward us with higher rankings.

If you look at most websites that rank well, you will see on-page SEO implemented appropriately to increase the overall ranking of all the inner pages of the website.

The benefit of ranking inner geo-targeted pages is that you can also link back to your main page and create a beautiful internal linking structure that Google will love. The power behind this will help you rank for the head competitive keyword.