SEO Pricing

SEO Pricing

SEO Shouldn’t be expensive once it starts to peak. At this point, all that’s needed is to main it so it won’t lose its ranking position. This is why businesses shouldn’t pay the high prices for their SEO services.

We are not saying SEO is easy; it’s not. It does take strategies and countless hours tweaking, monitoring to make sure it’s on the right track.

Local Businesses shouldn’t pay corporate prices

We know local business shouldn’t be charged as if they were a large corporation. These are two different types of companies. We see SEO agencies treating them the same.

The 90-day SEO phrase

The first three months of your local SEO are critical – This is the phase where we are digging up information on your competitors, keywords, website structures, analyzing layouts, creating new local content, getting citations, tweaking, and adjusting. Lots of human resources are used here. After the three months, your SEO pricing will start to reduce.

Saint Cloud, Florida

SEO Spend down program

1st month – $1500
2nd month – $1300
3rd month – $1100
After that, it stays at $497

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that you will initially get your monthly investment back time and time again with more business.

Get solid local SEO for $497 – This small monthly investment gets you more business

Rock-solid SEO Practice

We provide the same service as if you were paying $1500- $2500 per month elsewhere. We only do White-hat SEO. We aim to please Google from start to finish. A good SEO groundwork starts with building a solid foundation.

Dominate within your city

Imagine getting business right in your home town? What would that do for your business? Staying local will allow you to save money on gas, travel, mileage, and overall provide better prompt service because you are local to your customers/clients. As SEO experts, you want to dominate your central-local city.  Local SEO is powerful and a huge deal for local businesses.

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“Fire your current SEO agency and say no to their high prices”

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