Ranking in Google Maps comes with a lot of benefits for any local service provider looking to grow their business organically and reach more clients or customers.

Google Maps is one of the best forms of SEO that any business should have for their local business and not only is it powerful it’s needed if you want to stick out from your competitors.

Google maps are the first thing people use when looking up a local business. Example if I was in the mood for pizza I would type that in Google search and Google will display 3 businesses that are nearby depending on my location. Google will display businesses whom at least touched up their business with a bit of detail of their business. Of course, the more you complete the profile the better your listing will perform.

Here, you can add photos, of your business, staff, products, hours of operation, the location of your business and even mention your services. It’s really cool and very powerful.

If you are new to Google Maps the first step is claiming your business listing if you haven’t already done so. To do this simply head over to https://www.google.com/business/ and fill out the required information. Google has several ways that can verify you truly control the business address by sending you a postcard or calling you.

There are two types of business listing. 1. A business that people actually come to your place of business or the type that you go to your customers to provide your services like a plumber, roofer and so on. This type of listing you can hide your address. You will be able to tell Google which type of business you operate. Just follow their instructions.

Now, ranking maps in 2018

I know there are tons of courses on the Google Maps frenzy and some have this outrageous claims on “Secrets” to ranking. This could be further from the truth. No one really knows what Google looks for when it comes to ranking maps. Just follow Google’s recommendation and you should be just fine. Sure you probably be faced with competitions but if you do things right…you will be fine. If the competition is fierce than seek the help of a Google Maps expert ( That would be us) shameless plug.

6 steps to ranking in Google Maps

  1. Fill out the entire profile.
  2. Rename your images with name and city. Example if you are a bakery name the name of the cake and the city of your bakery. This helps Google know more about your listing.
  3. Pick the right category for your business – Very important. We see much businesses really miss the mark with this one.
  4. Fill out the services section. Not only will this helps your potential clients or customers, it helps Google learn more about your local business.
  5. Embedded Google on your website.
  6. Add your address to the footer of the website. This helps Google connect your local Google Maps listing with an actual website.

If you want to optimize your Google maps even further than you will need some citations. But for now, it’s not needed. Revisit this task 30 days after you create your local business Google Maps listing.

Do this and you will be on your way to ranking Google Maps in 2018 no time – Don’t try to trick Google or listen to bogus claims doing useless trickery to fool Google in ranking their own property.

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