Today’s market is saturated with information and options, that’s why it is so important that your business website provides a succinct and straightforward way of demonstrating the value of your product or services. People want to feel safe in their purchases and having a website that is transparent and informative can help build that trust. There are a few methods to incorporate this type of information that goes beyond just your personal guarantee. Using these different aspects of marketing on your website can help to communicate and engage with consumers.

1. Images

Ever heard the expression “show don’t tell”? Well, with advertising this is key.

You can tell your customers how great your product or service is but with all the options out there, it’s more important than ever to really show them. Using images strategically can not only engage potential consumers but can help build trust in your business. The more information a customer can gather from your website the more likely they are to do business with your company.

Appropriately using images to demonstrate the value of your product or service can be a key factor in your success. It is important to use images and photographs strategically however, since sometimes the wrong kind of images can work against the confidence you want individuals to put in your company.

2. Reviews

We can’t stress the importance of reviews enough. Everyone experiences doubt before making a purchase. The two main things a customer wants to know are:

* Are your products or services worth their money?

* Can they trust you?

Reviews can help quell these natural doubts and can lead customers to learn more about your business, building confidence in you are your product or services. Finding ways to gain reviews can sometimes seem daunting but we have lots of tips and tricks to help you get the reviews you need to build a positive online reputation.


Video marketing has quickly become one of the most successful and effective forms of advertising in today’s digital world. However, few businesses realize just how game-changing these video testimonials can be. Video testimonials can drastically improve confidence and trust in your brand in a number of ways. One drastic benefit is that these videos can help to dispel customer fear. When customers are looking to make a purchase, there are a number of fears and doubts that can serve as a barrier for completing a sale.

Video testimonials from customers who were initially skeptical or doubtful about your business but were impressed by your service can be especially beneficial. These videos can offer authenticity, and potential customers will be able to relate to the fear of purchase.

These types of testimonials and confidence-boosting strategies are great for getting new customers, but they can also be difficult to set-up. It can be hard enough convincing a customer to leave a short written review let alone asking them to make a video testimonial.

Contact us today if you would like help setting up your website with trust-building components, gaining reviews, or constructing a video testimonial strategy.

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