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If you own a local business and have a website, you probably are working on local SEO. However, improving local search ranking entails more than just SEO. It takes strategic steps to get your local business listed in Google’s 3-pack. When a local search goes to a three-pack, for sure, it will show on the first page, generally with a Google map.

Local SEO alone will not have your website feature in the the 3-pack listing. If you’ve been trying and failed, we can help. We know what it takes to get into Google Business listings. Our SEO know how to get your local business featured in this prime spot.

Once we establish your listing, we proceed to make sure the listing appears on top. We use strategies to assist in making your services unique for Google. Doing so will place you in a strategic position for online clients to reach your business. Simply put, we get you listed in Google Maps!

Benefits of being on Google’s three-pack listing

Google came up with a new change in local search for local businesses. The “local 3-pack” listing came to replace the former “local 7-pack.” The new listing received lots of polar feedback to the SEO industry about how the transformation will impact local traffic and visibility.

Before the change, the local listing appeared in packs of three, five, or seven. Hence, many local businesses got an opportunity to appear on the very first page of search results – even though they weren’t performing organically.

For sure moving to 3-pack listing ends up increasing competition to appear in the first page. Also, Google has removed the actual addresses from the 3-pack listing. Instead, it shows the city name where the local business is situated. Lastly, Google disabled every 1-click ways to reach companies.

Despite these effects of moving from a 7-pack to 3-pack listing, there are several benefits, which include:

1. Being listed in Google’s 3-pack requires an improved local search ranking – we can assist you on that note. After getting in the desired three-pack will let you reach out to local clients.

2. Also, the listing will help you to stand out against the competition.

3. At the same time, you will receive more business when you appear in the 3-pack listing.

4. The change to 3-pack aims at serving those using mobiles to boost their results on small screens. Your profile appearing in local three-pack means you can quickly tap into potential revenue because your company will be noticeable in results.

5. Once a customer clicks on your ad, it opens your Google Business Listing, as opposed to being connected to your website. Hence, customers will acquire an overview of your business at a glimpse.

Our dedicated team will ensure that your local business appears at the top of the search page, generally along with a Google map. If your goal is to reach to as many clients as possible via Google search, then let us optimize your search engine. These results show at the top page and always stand out from organic results.

The bottom line

Would you like to see and enjoy all the benefits of being seen in Google 3-pack listing? Would you want to track the number of clicks to your business website, those clicking to contact your business and clients asking for directions to your location? Well, allow us to assist you in getting there by working on your business, Google Map Listing.

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