Efrain Lopez
Former Google Maps Quality Control Tech 2017-2019

Why choose me?

I had a handyman business back in 1998 that was struggling, and at times, couldn’t even make payroll. Word of mouth wasn’t coming in fast enough.

On the verge of losing my business, I sold one of my vans to at least cover the rent for six months and buy me more time.

I took these six months to learn everything I could about web design and SEO. My first website was WordPress. It was the ugliest thing on the planet at the time. As I started to apply SEO, I began to get more calls. Things began to turn for me.

With my new skills, I was able to increase my ugly website rankings high in Google, and my calendar started to fill up. Life was better.

The business was booming, but something triggered my passion for local SEO. I began to master it and respect it. I took my Handyman business from struggling to a 1/4 of a million-dollar business within nine months!



10:00AM - 6:00PM ET


Florida/Costa Rica