I can’t tell you how many times I came across websites that wouldn’t budge for any further ranking despite that they had everything else in place. At times, all you need is to decrease your website load to get a boost in rankings.

I will share three tips right here in this article that will help your website move up on rankings, so grab your favorite snack and dive into this short read.

It’s no secret that Google likes speed, and that’s because no one waits for a page load. Would you? I know I wouldn’t. Nobody got time for that! Website speed is a ranking factor, according to Google.

Ok, let us dive in and get you the three tips for quick rankings.

The first tip is compressing images to a smaller size. I’m sure you have multiple photos on your site, and all of them will count towards your website load speed.

Tip one – Image compression.
I like to use this FREE service called “TinyPNG” this is a fantastic service to reduce your image size. Here’s the link if you wanted to check it out. www.TinyPNG.com TinyPNG is my go too when I need to speed up my website. People often use plugins, but again, plugins will still add load time and not to mention security issues with plugins.

Tip two – Keep visitors on your site longer.
Bounce Rate is another ranking factor. When someone lands on your website and quickly leaves, this sends a message to Google that they didn’t like this website too much because the visitor left within seconds. By adding a 3-minute video will usually solve this problem.

Tip three – Fast hosting. Speed is a big deal!
If you are using WordPress likes most of us do, you know we are using plugins for all sorts of added features. The theme you are probably using is a problem due to your cheap hosting provider.

I love “Site Ground” they built their hosting for WordPress, and sure they are a bit pricy, but a slow hosting company that’s more affordable is costing loss revenue and rankings.

Well, there you have it, my three tips to higher rankings when it comes to pleasing the almighty Google.

I have increased many websites rankings with just these three tips I have shared with you today. Give it a try and enjoy your boosted rankings.

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